Happy Holidays to my readers!  I wish to everyone a new year of peace and happiness.

A year has gone by without another book published.  That’s because I have been very involved with local politics.  Whatever your party,  it is important to pay attention to local municipal leadership.  What happens in your town really does make a difference.  I am on my local borough council, and I work with others in our county to get good people elected.  Someday maybe I’ll write about politics.

My next writing projects revolve around existing books – first, making a version of Women, Power, and AT&T for the general market rather than the academic world it was created for.  What happened to women in the corporate world in the 1970s is still relevant whether you are talking about job discrimination or sexual harassment.  Of course, in 1970 we didn’t even have the words “sexual harassment.”  I think the story will sell.

The other project is taking Dear Woman of My Dreams and creating a small cast play.

Much of my writing depends on notes, letters, and diaries from my family archives.  I’ve just re-read my own journals from the 1970s and 1980s when I was on my corporate career venture.  What a mind-bending experience!  Of course I recognize myself and what I wrote about, but some of the perceptions I had then aren’t exactly as I remember them now.  My diary files go back to my great grandmother and the 1890s.


Published by

Lois Kathryn Herr

Women,Power, and AT&T: Winning Rights in the Workplace is back in print and now available as an e-book as well. See www.AnEqualOpportunity.com for more about it, and look at www.loiskathrynherr to learn about my other books.

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