Exciting news from URLink….There’s a 2nd Printing of Women, Power, and AT&T: Winning Rights in the Workplace.  We expect it to be online soon as both a paperback and eBook and available through Amazon and B&N as well as URLink within a few weeks.  The first printing was in 2003 – It went out of print in a few years and then the publisher Northeastern University Press went out of business.  This book is such a valuable record of the EEOC and AT&T Case that I wanted to bring it back to life. In 1973 the settling of that case was a landmark for affirmative action and equal opportunity for women in business.  It sports a new cover but it still the same wonderful story of how change can take place.



Published by

Lois Herr

DEAR WOMAN OF MY DREAMS is creative nonfiction based on my mother's 1923 diary. Previously published Dear Coach: Letters Home from WW II and in 2003, Women, Power and AT&T.

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