The Chaos of This Spring

Nature can appear chaotic as plants reach for the sunlight in spring, especially in the woods here in Gretna!

Last Sunday Pastor Greg Laszakovits talked about how we can make something out of the chaos we live in these days.  First, live in the “now,” which I take to mean be aware of what is.  Next, be patient and persistent, patient with ourselves and others and persistent  in our tasks, recognizing that life takes more emotional energy now.  I certainly agree with that!

Then, we need to “flip the script” and see this time as an opportunity to ask the big questions and find ways to bring about the changes we wish to see.



  1. If you are in Pennsylvania, be sure to vote in the Primary Election on June 2. If you want to vote by mail, go to by May 26th.
  2. The June 10th Virtual Book Launch has been postponed.

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Lois Kathryn Herr

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