COVID-19 Interrupts Life

It’s a strange new world, with social distancing, businesses closed, thousands of people terribly ill and dying around the world.  Promoting a book seems somewhat inappropriate even though so many folks are home with time on their hands.  Well, some are, but then there are the families with children to entertain and teach and explain the new reality. As for me, I find each day seems like a separate entity. I wake to nothing on the calendar, what I used to see as “a free day.”

I feel the need to recognize that this isn’t just a crisis, this is a new way of life. In its restrictiveness, maybe it will only last for months, but in reality it will change our lives for a very long time.

Even though it seems relatively unimportant in the light of the virus attack on our world, I need to get in gear and put together a virtual book launch.  The story of women gaining opportunity back in the 1970s is still relevant. When we do come out of this stay-at-home mode, many women will be going back to work.  My guess is that they will find less equal opportunity than they left, for many reasons.  All the more reason why we will need to understand how we can work effectively to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity at work.  And that’s where my book and this blog will come in useful.

I’d like to get input from those who read this.  Reply to this post or send me an email with your ideas and concerns –  Follow my new website home devoted to this topic – or post on my Lois Kathryn Herr facebook page.


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