Why read now?

Even now, maybe especially now when we are staying at home worrying about coronavirus, there’s time to read.  Read to learn, to enjoy, and to understand. Then be ready to act to bring about a better future.

Why read Women, Power, and AT&T: Winning Rights in the Workplace?

The people in this book are real people, dealing with the world as they find it, and taking action to make it into the world they would like it to be.  The essence of the story is, on a small scale, how one person works to clear her own path.  On a larger scale, which I learned quickly by living it, we were working through the federal government to change the rules of the business game and to force corporations into opening the pathways for women and  minorities.


Published by

Lois Kathryn Herr

Women,Power, and AT&T: Winning Rights in the Workplace is back in print and now available as an e-book as well. See www.AnEqualOpportunity.com for more about it, and look at www.loiskathrynherr to learn about my other books.

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